Pike Township, Clark County, OH
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Welcome to the official, trustee sanctioned, Pike Township, OH website.
To make navigation easy, a multi-level menu has been incorporated above. You can get to any page on this site with only one click. This site is not yet complete. Please check back often to check for changes.

IMPORTANT - PIKE TOWNSHIP FIRE/EMS EMERGENCY CALLS - At the end of last year, the Pike Township Trustees contracted with the Clark County Sheriff to dispatch all fire and EMS calls. If you have an emergency, call 911. All calls are now being answered by the sheriff's dispatcher. Over the past years, a lot of us placed stickers on our phones with the old Pike Township Fire Department phone number (964-1134). If you have one of these stickers or know someone who does, please remove the stickers immediately as the old number will be deactived soon.

TIRE RECYCLING - Pike Township Trustees are sponsoring another tire collection and recycling event. CLICK HERE for additional details.

RT 235 & RT 41 ROUNDABOUT- There has been some recent activity in anticipation of the upcoming road construction project at the intersection of State Routes 235 & 41. According to ODOT, the project is on schedule to be awarded on 4/10/14. Construction is expectedto start in early June, with approximate construction completion to be mid-September. CLICK HERE to see a projected layout of the round-about.

TIME CAPSULE - 25 years ago, a time capsule was sealed and burried at the Pike Township Fire Department. This time capsule will be retrieved and opened on May 23 at 7:00 PM. The public is invited. The plan is to reseal and bury the capsule. If you have community oriented material you would like to have enclosed in the capsule, please bring it to the ceremony. Please note that there are space restrictions. Not all requests may be able to be accomodated and the committe has the final say as to what to include.

FIRE DEPARTMENT TRAINING - The Pike Township Fire Department periodically trains with our rescue tools that are used to extricate victims of auto accidents. Effective training includes actually using the rescue tools to disassemble old vehicles. If you have a vehicle that you can donate to the department for training please call the fire department at 937-964-8958 and leave a messge. One of the fire officers will contact you. Please note that you must sign over the title as the car will be destroyed and will not be returned to you. This training is invaluable in helping us keep prepared for saving lives.

PIKE TOWNSHIP MEETING MINUTES are available online. Click on Meeting Minutes under PIKE TOWNSHIP in the main menu.

FIRE/EMS PERSONNEL NEEDED - Pike Township Fire/EMS is recruiting volunteer Firefighters and EMTs and part time EMTs. All levels of certification are needed. Training is provided. If you are interested in supporting your community by volunteering or participating in the partime EMS program, contact the firehouse at 937-964-8958 or stop by the firehouse at 8440 Troy Road.

The Pike Township/North Hampton BUSINESSES, CHURCHES and ORGANIZATIONS web page is active. If you have any changes or corrections, email your information to the webmaster. Click Here to initiate the email and send us your information.

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