Pike Township, Clark County, OH
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Welcome to the official, trustee sanctioned, Pike Township, OH website.
To make navigation easy, a multi-level menu has been incorporated above. You can get to any page on this site with only one click. This site is not yet complete. Please check back often to check for changes and updates.

TOWNSHIP POLICIES - A new section has been added to the Pike Township web page. Township policies can now be downloaded and/or viewed in the TOWNSHIP POLICIES section under the PIKE TOWNSHIP heading in the drop down menu.

GRAIN BIN RESCUE TOOL - Pike Township would like to thank Bethel Township for the generous donation of a grain bin rescue tool. Manufactured by the KC Supply Company in Kansas City, Missouri, this device can be used to assist with the rescue of a person trapped inside a loaded grain bin. It acts as a shield allowing the grain (which is pressing around the victim) to be removed without falling back in around the trapped individual. Once the grain level is reduced, the victim can be removed from the bin. This potentially life saving tool will be carried on our rescue truck. Hopefully it will never be needed but it good to know that it will be quickly available should it ever be needed in Pike Township or while assisting a neighboring department.

MEETING TIMES - For 2016, the monthly Tuesday evening trustee meetings for the months of Jan, Feb, Mar and Dec will start at 6:30 PM.

FIRE DEPARTMENT TRAINING - The Pike Township Fire Department periodically trains with our rescue tools that are used to extricate victims of auto accidents. Effective training includes actually using the rescue tools to disassemble old vehicles. If you have a vehicle that you can donate to the department for training please call the fire department at 937-964-8958 and leave a messge. One of the fire officers will contact you. Please note that you must sign over the title as the car will be destroyed and will not be returned to you. This training is invaluable in helping us keep prepared for saving lives.

PIKE TOWNSHIP MEETING MINUTES are available online. Click on Meeting Minutes under PIKE TOWNSHIP in the main menu.

FIRE/EMS PERSONNEL NEEDED - Pike Township Fire/EMS is recruiting volunteer Firefighters and EMTs and part time EMTs. All levels of certification are needed. Training is provided. If you are interested in supporting your community by volunteering or participating in the partime EMS program, contact the firehouse at 937-964-8958 or stop by the firehouse at 8440 Troy Road.

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